Positioning of the patient:

Anterior ankle joint in
a-p position for x-ray

Examination of
fibulo-calcaneal ligament
Instrument setting
for the left leg
Instrument setting
for the right leg

Bitte beachten Sie:
  • Put the 15° slanted pin of the foot
        holding device into the drill bush guide
  • Insert the counter support into the
        opposite drill bush guide
  • Sit the patient, bending knee to
        approx. 20° (put a knee support
        or wedge-shaped cushion under
        the hollow of the knee)

  • The heel should be placed firmly against
        the middle part of the holding device
  • Fix the heel with the swivel bar in a way that
        the patient cannot remove his foot from the
        holding device
  • Place the front pad of the pressure device at a
        distance of 5 cm above the medial malleolus
        (see x-ray)
  • Recommended pressure: 15 daN

  • Instructions for diagnostics:

    The total angle between tibia and talus
    is measured

  • A value of more than 10°: 
        positive result acc. to state of
        medical scientific

  • Between 5° + 10°: a comparative 
        x-ray between injured vs. uninjured
        joints is recommended

  • A Change of the distance between
        fibula tip and talus with comparative
        x-ray can be evaluated as another
        rupture sign
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