Positioning of the patient:

Examination of the
posterior cruciate ligament
90° position
Instrument setting
for the left leg
Instrument setting
for the right leg 

Please note:
  • Positioning of the patient as shown
        in the figure, knee flexion angle 90°
  • Place the special accessory above
        the femurcondylus
  • Place the front cushion pad of the
        pressure device 2 cm below the tibia

  • Reading on pressure device for routine
        examination: 15 daN
  • Put a small sandbag under the ankle to
        position the tibia parallel to the table
        surface (to avoid double outlines of the
        femural condyles)

  • Instructions of diagnostics:

    Comparative x-rays indispensable

  • Check dorsal displacement of the
        tibial head (drawer phenomenon)
        by superposing the x-rays (femoral
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